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 Monetize Your Expertise
$0 to 6-Figures 
in As Little As 12-Months
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                                                Run A Profitable Online Business From Your Laptop
                                                Accelerate Your Authority & Annual Earnings
                                                No Startup Capital Required
                                                Set Up Smart Systems *No Need To Be Tech Savvy
|The Vision|
To take you from start-up online entrepreneur to a steady 6-figure annual online earner within as little as 12-months
|The Mission|
To help you create a thriving 6-figure online business with proven step-by-step success strategies, mindset mastery and world-class support, inside of a 12-Month Elite Business Coaching Mastermind.
          Learn How To...
  • Profit First Make your first dollar online BEFORE creating your first digital product, in a simple & smart way
  • Create Your Online Course: Earn passive income by sharing your answers to a problem you've already figured out with the people who need your help the most
  • Publish Your Book: Leverage your brand's power by writing and publishing your best-seller
  •  Build A 6-Figure Online Business: Work whenever, wherever and have unlimited earning potential
*All academy applicants MUST schedule an initial Business Breakthrough Coaching Call, upon completion of the call an invitation to apply may or may not be presented.
Learn From The Best, and You Will Have Success!
Whether you love your 9 to 5 gig or not, there’s no denying that you can only work so many hours a day and despite which industry you work in there is a ceiling on your earning potential when you trade your time for money. 

But thankfully with the power of the internet, there’s a better way to leverage your time and earn a living from your expertise allowing you to create a life of FREEDOM. 

Meet Your Business Success Coach
Molly Ann Luna

Hey There, I’m Molly Ann Luna U.S. Army Veteran, former Certified Financial Advisor who kicked my corporate career to the curb in search of a better way. 

With over 7 years in business and having helped professionals in many different industries, identify their monetizable expertise and create online success I’ve now put together a step-by-step business success blueprint to help you accelerate your authority and amplify your income and impact.
Go from earning $0 online to 6-figures online FAST!
Many of my clients are busy professionals looking for a better way to 
build True Wealth for themselves and their families. They understand that just trading time for money isn’t enough to get ahead. 

They needed a smart & simple strategy to help them earn passive residual income online, that not only increased their income, created a positive impact for others, but also gave them deeply meaningful work to look forward to & the FREEDOM to do as they please. 

I’ve put together an 8-week online business success blueprint inside of my signature course, The Income Amplifier where I not only teach you how to create your own signature course and self-publish a book, but how to do earn a profit BEFORE you create any of the lessons or write the first draft of your best-seller.
You can only access my signature course and/or my year long coaching program via a direct invitation from myself or one of my team members. A Business Breakthrough Coaching Call is required. We'll spend about an hour discussing your business, goals and marketing strategy. Upon the completion of our session you may or may not be invited to apply for The Online Authority Academy. 
Here's What A few of My Clients Have To Say...
Valentina Izarra
"She helped me get laser focused and clear on how to start a thriving business."

Tricia Brooks
"She gave me the paradigm shift I needed to succeed."

Steph Hendel
 "She gave me simple & strategic steps to build a profit."

Imagine In One Year From Now...
  • Having a Signature Course that you’re proud of and that offers a transformational experience to your students from all across the globe
  •  Creating a consistent $10,000, $20,000 or $50,000 MONTHLY income through your online products and services
  •  Having FREEDOM to walk away from your 9-to-5 gig entirely if you so choose
  •  Doing deeply meaningful work that gets you excited to get out of bed to serve the people who need your help most
  •  Getting paid to do what you love sharing answers to a problem you've already solved 
Tell Me Does Any of This Sound Familiar?
You dream of not being tied down in an office all the time. 

You dream of being able to earn money while you nap or take a vacation. 

You’ve heard of people earning money online and you’re interested to find out more.

You dream about working smarter, not harder, but have no clue how or where to start?

You’re a rockstar at your job, but when it comes to navigating the online business world, forget about it, you say things like...
 "I'm so not tech savvy!"
"Technology and I are not friends."

The thought of being able to leave your corporate gig, with paid days off, holiday bonuses, and healthcare plan equally excited and terrifies you at the same time. 
I’ve created a proven step-by-step business success blueprint that will having your earning your first dollar online BEFORE you create your course. 

This exact model has afforded me a lifestyle that has me working part-time from home, giving me the FREEDOM to raise my baby girl. 

Not to mention I've more than DOUBLED my highest salary year working in Corporate America. 

I know work only 3 days a week, coaching people from all over the world from my laptop with the BEST Online Business Success Model currently out there in the industry and I’m here to show you how to do the same. 

The Academy is designed for the rebels who are no longer interested in riding ‘the success conveyor belt’ in the corporate world and who are ready to reclaim their own creative power and authentic voice to make a POWERFUL & POSITIVE change in the world.

Together lets AMPLIFY your income & impact in a smart & simple way!
 It's Time To AMPLIFY Your Income & Impact

The Online Authority Academy is an invitation only 12-month business success coaching mastermind experience. 
 *All students of the academy are required to complete Molly Ann's 8-week signature course, The Income Amplifier.

Book your FREE Business Breakthrough Coaching Call with Molly Ann Luna & her team to see if you this is the program is right for you. 

Module 1: Start The Right Business 
identify your monetizable expertise and set smart goals

Module 2: Message to Mission 
identify your brand story, who you want to serve & why

Module 3: Online Entrepreneurial Lingo 101 
learning the language and setting up your digital systems

Module 4: Beta Test Prep 
identify potential offerings, campaigns and prep for success

Module 5: Sales Superstar 
price setting, sales copy campaign, and payment collection activation

Module 6: Course Creation 
confidence on camera, outline and lesson delivery

Module 7: Post Production 
housing your course, editing content, and outsourcing

Module 8: Publishing 
converting your course to a book, trademarking, publishing 

Ed H.
"I love working with Molly Ann because she always leaves you with the provable feeling 
she's committed to your success. Molly Ann helped me understand the key importance
of FOCUS in any business endeavor. I highly recommend working with Molly Ann because she will support you in the long haul. She is tireless!" 
Heather Acken
"I cannot recommend working with Molly Ann enough! She helped answer all of my questions and gave me the tools and confidence to launch my first course. Her teachings are so valuable and I keep referencing them and applying them."
Calandra Eddington
 "I am a registered nurse finding my way in the entrepreneur world. Molly Ann Luna’s Income Amplifier course helped me build my confidence and guided me in launching an online course. I recommend working with Molly Ann Luna because she was just an email away if I had any questions and she stretched my thinking and abilities when helping me launch a course. I’m ready to launch my second one because of her. You will not be disappointed." 
The Online Authority Academy Also Includes...

  •  SMART Online Business Building Strategies: Learn the shortcuts to go from earning $0-6-figures online FAST with no start up capital required! Molly Ann will teach you her proven-method on how to earn money BEFORE you put in any entrepreneurial sweat equity.
  •   World-class Support From An All-Star Team of Experts: Receive access to LIVE coaching calls from Molly Ann Luna and her guest Master-trainers, and exclusive access to our online community where you can connect with high-level colleagues like you who are standing by to support your vision and mission
  •   Mindset Mastery & Leadership Development Training: Bust through any limiting beliefs you may have about your life or business AND become an Excellent Leader with one-year VIP access to our sister company, Legacy Leaders Academy
*Upon completion of the pre-req course, The Income Amplifier
 You will have VIP access to Masterclass Trainings to include, but aren’t limited to learning how to…

  • Amazon Best Selling Author to offer print on demand copies to your raving fans 
  •  The Waterslide Technique to Turn Prospects Into Paying Clients within 3-Hours
  •  Create A High-Level Coaching Business so you can maximize profits and serve more people in a smart way
  •   Online Outsourcing low cost, efficient ways to get more done faster
  •  Hire Your Dream Team smartly delegate the tasks outside of your zone of genius
  •  Sales Success Coaching learn how to share, not sell
  •  Keynote Creation create a kickass keynote that will help you stand out amongst your peers
  •  Booking Public Speaking Gig & TV Segments get paid to speak about what you love
  •  And Much More!
 • Power Success Calls: every week we'll do a LIVE accountability calls with a master trainer inside of our elite closed FB community - to review wins, set new goals, rev up for the week ahead + get your burning business questions answered LIVE every Tuesday morning 10am PST

 • Deep Dive Business Mastermind Strategy Sessions: bi-monthly calls held on the first and third Thursday of every month, join Molly Ann Luna on a live video conference Zoom Call, get in the ‘hot-seat’ and strategist your next best business move

 • Exclusive Access to LIVE Master Trainer Business Success Sessions: may include, but not limited to Facebook Ad Expert, Webinar Expert, SEO Strategist, TV Segment Ready Hosting, Sales Coach, etc. 

 • Unlimited Access to the Masterclass Vault:
this is where you'll find previous success strategy calls and advanced trainings 
taught by our team of Master Trainers

Exclusive Access to our Community Connection Page:
Connect, Share, Learn & Grow with mission driven 
people just like you from across the globe

 • Swipe Files, Done for your template and Much More! 
No need to re-invent the wheel, we've got you covered
You'll Also Get...

 • (2) one-on-one VIP In-Depth Goal Setting Business Success Strategy Sessions with Molly Ann Luna 
one within the first month and one at the 6-month mark

 • 1-year FREE membership access to Legacy Leaders Academy  mindset mastery & leadership development training, valued at $1200 *enrollment opens 2019

 • Exclusive Invite to Our Annual 3-Day 
Mastermind Adventure Getaway 
trip details TBD *travel/accommodations not included
make your first dollar online BEFORE creating your online course

positively impact more people worldwide by sharing your answers inside of your signature course

no need to wait around for your annual bonus, learn how to work smarter, not harder, set up smart online business systems that will bust through any earning barrier

create a smart marketing system that allows you to earn money while you sleep

work whenever, where ever that best suits both you and your families needs

have the freedom to go anywhere in the world at a moments notice because you’ve set up seamless systems online that allows you earn money on the go

You Could Do This...
  •  Go Back to College & Get A Business Degree: Spending $60,000 or more and sacrificing 4-years of your life trapped in a lecture hall only to walk away still not knowing anything about building a profitable online business. 
  • Buy More Online Courses: Paying THOUSANDS of dollars for a 'mixed bag of content' only to be left swirling in information overload and unclear which steps you should take next in your own business  
  • Hire A Coach To Work With You 1:1: While this might seem like your getting the best value due to focused solo attention, what ends up happening is that many game changing techniques and answers get left unsaid, because you're not sure what to ask and your coach over looks these crucial details, where as in a mastermind coaching community, someone is bound to ask the question you wish you'd thought of 
  •  Attend More Conferences & Seminars: Spending again THOUSANDS of dollars on tickets, airfare, hotel, business cards, a new outfit etc. Gaining a TON of awesome info, feeling hyped up to implement it all at the time, but the moment wheels go up on your airplane, motivation and accountability go out the window, but with The Online Authority Academy you will never falter because innovative ideas and your high-level accountability team is only a finger tip away inside of our elite community.
But Instead Do This!
Click on the button below to schedule FREE Business Breakthrough Coaching Call with Molly Ann Luna & her team. 
Plan to spend up to 1-hour discussing which business is the right one for you to start, what you should charge and how to find your first paid clients. At the end of the call we may or may not extend an invitation to join us inside of The Online Authority Academy. 
Apply Now For The Online Authority Academy 
I'm looking forward to chatting with you about your business, 
Molly Ann Luna
P.S. Don't delay, apply today, seating is EXTREMELY LIMITED inside of The Online Authority Academy!  We keep the enrollemnt numbers low on purpose, to ensure that each student receives the absolute best care & support possible throughout the year.
Who is the Online Authority Academy for?  
The Online Authority Academy is designed for...
1) the professional who wants to leverage their time & package their expertise into an online course, giving them the freedom to earn a passive income and serve more people worldwide
2) the professional who is looking for an exit strategy to kick the 9 to 5 gig to the curb once and for all and be able to work anywhere, anytime
3) the coach who's tired of the 1:1 module and who wants to create consistent monthly income online by using a proven one to many model

The Online Authority Academy is for you if...
You want to discover how to create a positive IMPACT in the world by sharing your unique viewpoint via publishing your online signature course and your bestselling book that will help you land more public speaking gigs, this is for you. And/Or you're interested in leveraging your business online across social media platforms, hosting in-person events, fun retreats, workshops and/or create transformational mastermind communities, then this program is for you.
Why should I choose The Online Authority Academy over a working with a Coach one-on-one?
You know the saying...two minds are better than one. Well try a dozen! 

The truth is one on one coaching only gets you so far. Too often in a one-to-one environment the student doesn't know what questions to ask and the coach can sometimes be leaps and bounds ahead that they skip crucial next steps. Where as inside of a mastermind coaching community like this one, someone is bound to ask the question you wish you'd thought of that will be exactly what you need to have a breakthrough in your own business.

Plus, with one on one coaching you only work with one mentor versus working with ME AND MY ENTIRE TEAM! It’s a proven fact, we learn better TOGETHER. There is a synergistic energy that happens inside of our academy because it offers space for co-creation and cross pollination of ones another expertise. You MUST surround yourself with other heart-centered self-starting success-minded professionals who believe in you and are all on the same journey to building True Wealth with smart strategies in order to maximize your success. 
When does Online Authority Academy start?
Enrollment in the Online Authority Academy is by INVITATION ONLY, we process new student application year round, but have a limited number of seats so when we are full you may have to get onto a waiting list before you can join.

One of the reasons our clients get outrageous results is that when you START the mastermind and mix in with people who are in month 3 let’s say – and are rocking their business – that inspires you to GET TO WORK! Similarly, when you are in month 6 and witness someone coming in on month one, you realize how FAR you have come in such a short amount of time when you hear/ see their questions. It's POWERFUL!
When can I join?
The Online Authority Academy student can join by invitation only. You must first schedule and complete your mandatory Business Breakthrough Call with Molly Ann and her team. Upon completion of the business strategy call (which by the way will be the best hour you've spent strategizing your business all year) you may or may not be invited to join the academy. This is an elite mastermind community and the Business Breakthrough Call is not only an opportunity for you to identify smart business success next steps, but it's also an opportunity to see if you and Coach Molly Ann are a good fit to work together. 
How many hours a week will I need to commit to this program?
That is completely dependent on WHERE you are at and what kind of online business foundation you come in with. This is YOUR business and so we will never PUSH you farther or faster than you want to go. Typically we tend to see students take 60 – 90 days to really get their systems up and running. You can expect to put in a little more work in the setting up stages if you have little online framework together. You can expect to dedicate 10-20 hours a week to working ON and IN your business. How fast you grow your income and your team will obviously depend on how much time you dedicate to it like anything else. You’re either going to be working on YOUR systems or working IN someone else’s, it's your call. 
What happens when I first join?
When you first join, you will have a one on one 60-minute Kickstarter Call with Molly Ann Luna so she can best understand your business and help you set and track your goals throughout the year. Our team will also show you how to navigate through your membership site and Facebook group, asking you to introduce yourself to all the other rockstar students in there. Then you'll get started with your next  three action steps to PROFIT ASAP, then create your signature course.  We pride ourselves in only ever giving you your next three steps, so you never feel  uncertain, overwhelmed, or confused what to do to get results.
What’s the difference between the 8-Week Signature Course The Income Amplifier and your 12-Month Coaching?
The 8-Week signature course, The Income Amplifier, is a mandatory pre-requisite to join the 12-month coaching program. The goals for The Income Amplifier are to help you profit first, then create your online course and get the your first book published. The Income Amplifier offers weekly LIVE coaching calls to help you stay on track and maximize your results. 

The Income Amplifier is geared more towards new online entrepreneur who have yet to make their first high ticket sale and are still looking to get clear on who their ideal clients are how to create smart marketing messages.

The Income Amplifier can be completed BEFORE you join the 12-month Coaching Program or completed first thing when you join The Online Authority Academy.

The Online Authority Academy™ is geared more towards the entrepreneur who has already made their first sale and who are ready to automate their marketing funnels, scale their earnings by creating a high-ticket mastermind community, build their virtual team and create a bigger impact. This program is for serious entrepreneurs who want to create a consistent income from their business and scale their income to 20k or 40k – 60k or more quickly.
Many of our students publish their best-selling book, gain national television and media exposure and up level their brand. Get ready to go BIG!
How much support will I get?
Get READY for a ton of accountability and support! That’s what makes this mastermind so different from other programs out there. You’ll get access to Molly Ann and her team to answer all your pressing questions, so you never feel overwhelmed or confused but always right on track with your next 3 action steps. 

No matter if you are an Income Amplifier student or an academy member, we encourage all of our students to ask for support daily inside of our Facebook group Monday through Friday the team is available for you. 

Join us every Tuesday a LIVE Power Session Q&A call inside of the Facebook Community to help keep you motivated, on track and up-to-date on any online industry changes. 

For our Academy Members ONLY you have unlimited messenger and email support 24/7 

Plus a VIP invitation to chat 'face-to-face' with Molly Ann Luna inside of a private video conference room every first and third Thursday of the month for a Business Strategy Deep Dive Mastermind Session. 

Academy members will also receive exclusive access to guest Master Trainers Coaching Session and follow-up LIVE Q&A calls – and a chance to get in the 'hot-seat' to have your specific business building questions answered. 

Iif you’ve felt alone and frustrated before get ready for results because this is an area we take pride in – delivering rockstar accountability and support to our clients. It’s precisely WHY our clients WIN.
What results can I expect?
This is your business and your results will depend a great deal on many different variables, including your work ethic, attitude, how much you show up, ask questions, share and support your fellow academy members. The amount of time you are willing to commit to growing your business will determine how far and how fast you get on in your entrepreneurial endeavor. Learning and implementing our curriculum straight away is very important to maximizing your success here. No two people are alike so we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income increase. We vow to show up for you 111% but we are not responsible for your success or failure. Only you can determine if you'll come out on top. Our job is to show up to support you the best way possible and give you the best recipe for success. Your job is to learn it, implement it and do the work. 
What's the annual tuition for the academy?
The Online Authority Academy is a high level coaching experience and tuition rates vary depending on your payment plan option. Upon completion of your Business Breakthrough Call, if you are invited to join us inside of the academy, Molly Ann or one of her team members will cover the details of your annual tuition rate. Please note that the average startup online entrepreneur takes 5-7 years before 'finding their financial groove'. And the average cost of a Master's Degree in Business runs you about $60,000 and 4-years of your life without teaching you how to really earn money online. But The Online Authority Academy will help you fast-track your results by teaching you how to profit first, then scale and grown your online business.   
Why do I have to schedule a Business Breakthrough Call to apply?
The Business Breakthrough Call with Molly Ann Luna or one of her team members is not only an opportunity for our team to provide exceptional service and business insights that are sure to up level your results, but it's also an opportunity for us to decide if we'd be a good fit to work together for the year. At the end of the call you may or may not be invited to continue a business relationship with Molly Ann Luna and her team. If you are, you will be given next steps to ensure successful enrollment into the academy. 
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